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Dasu Hydropower Project crosses major milestone -HP NEWS

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The under-construction Dasu Hydropower Project has crossed a major milestone, the river Indus has been diverted at the project site.

According to WAPDA spokesperson, the Indus River is passing through a diversion tunnel instead of a natural channel at the project site.

The spokesman says that the general manager, contractor, consultants, representatives, engineers and workers were present on the occasion of diverting the river.

He said that Chairman WAPDA Sajjad Ghani congratulated the project administration for diverting the river Indus, after diverting the river, construction activities were started on the temporary dam.

A WAPDA spokesperson says that the construction of the main dam of the Dasu project will begin after the completion of the temporary dam, while the second diversion tunnel under construction of the project will also be completed by mid-April.

He further said that during the high flow season the water of the Indus River will pass through both the diversion tunnels. The 4,320 MW Dasu Hydropower Project is being completed in two phases.

The spokesman also said that the production of electricity from the first phase of the project is scheduled in 2026.



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