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The first salary of Shah Rukh Khan, the owner of wealth of more than 50 thousand crores, was 50 rupees -HP NEWS

Ever since the release of the movie Pathan, Shah Rukh has been the center of attention.

Do you know how much the King Khan of Bollywood got his first salary? If not, you will be surprised to know.

After four years away from the big screen, Shah Rukh Khan made his explosive comeback with his recent super hit blockbuster film Pathan.

Earlier in December 2018, his film Zero was released but it was not very successful.

But his powerful performance in Pathan and the film’s worldwide business of over Rs 900 crore proved once again that he is still the King Khan of Bollywood.

Since the release of the movie Pathan, he has become the focus of everyone’s attention these days and he is being discussed on various issues, where his wealth is also mentioned and it is known that his total wealth is around 51 thousand. Crore is equivalent to Indian Rupees.

The reason for such high wealth is their extraordinary remuneration which runs into crores. But there was a time when their remuneration was so meager that one would be surprised to hear it today.

In this regard, in an old interview, King Khan had told that the salary was very low in his youth. He said that he even sold tickets in the cinema and for the first time he was paid Rs 50.

But today he is a star who is living a very luxurious life, owning properties not only in India but also in London and Dubai.



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