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There is no need to be with a man at present, if you meet in the future, it is good, Sajal Ali -HP NEWS

Sajal Ali, an internationally renowned actress of Pakistan showbiz industry, has revealed in a recent interview that she does not need the support of any man in her life, but it is good if she is supported by someone.

While giving an interview to a private channel (blogger) on the video sharing platform YouTube regarding his film ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’, he spoke openly about the prevailing thought regarding the marriage of girls in South Isha.

The blogger asked the actress for her views on the undue importance given to girl marriage in South Esha, citing the film.

To which Sajal Ali replied and said that he told the blogger that you yourself know that a girl is not complete even if she is not married. She is imperfect, she has a complete personality of her own.

Girls should not be confined in a box in the name of marriage and should not be forced to get married only when they are old enough or have completed their education, rather they should be given the freedom to do so when they feel like it. If he needs someone to be with, then he should get married.

Answering the same question, he also referred to himself and said that I don’t need a man to complete my life right now, it’s already complete, but if I meet someone in the future, that’s great. But it is not necessary.



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