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The marriage date of Ushna Shah and Hamza Amin has been revealed -HP NEWS

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Pakistani beauty actress Ushna Shah and her fiance famous golfer Hamza Amin will tie the knot this month.

It should be remembered that at the end of last year, Ushna Shah announced her engagement to her long-time friend Hamza Amin, since then rumors of their marriage are being heard.

In a video that went viral last month, Ishna Shah was seen getting emotional while looking at the wedding couple’s sketch designed by designer Warda Saleem, from which it can be well guessed that the actress wore Warda Saleem on her special day. The ready-made wedding ensemble will adorn.

However, now the actress participated as a guest in a game show of a private TV channel regarding the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

During the show, the host congratulated the actress and announced that Ushna Shah and Hamza Amin are going to get married in the next ten days and the wedding preparations are going on in full swing.

It should be remembered that Hamza Amin is the first golfer of Pakistan who qualified for the World Tournament One Asia Golf Tour in 2015, he was seen many times with Ishna Shah.



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