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It has been said about me that I treat people like furniture, Helen Khan -HP NEWS

Helen Khan, the famous actress of yesteryear, the second wife of the famous screenwriter Salim Khan and step mother of Salman Khan, said that she first met Salim Khan in 1963 while working in the film Kabuli Khan, according to her he was the heroine of the film and Salim Khan was the villain.

In a recent interview with Salim’s son and Salman Khan’s younger brother, actor-producer Arbaaz Khan, Helen said that despite working together, I never noticed Salim Khan’s presence. Later he realized that Salim Khan was quite good looking.

However, one day during work, Salim Khan said to the hero of the film, Ajit Khan, that this madam does not even look at anyone, nor does she wish for him.

It should be noted that Salim Khan and Helen got married in 1981 and this was their second marriage, before that Helen was married to Prem Narayan Arora in 1957 while Salim Khan’s first wife is Salma Khan with whom Salman Khan and Arbaaz were married. They have four children.



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