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18th Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally in the name of Faisal Shadikhel -HP NEWS

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The 18th Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally has concluded, according to the final results, Faisal Shadikhel won the title of the 18th Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally. Trophies and cash prizes were given to the winners and other position holders in a colorful prize distribution ceremony.

On the third and final day of the Desert Jeep Rally in the Cholistan desert, vehicles took to the track for the second leg of the Pre-Paired category.

After the end of the rally, there was a colorful prize distribution ceremony, rhythmic dance was performed and trophies were also distributed among the winners.

Young racer Faisal Shadikhel proved to be the speedster of the Cholistan rally. Faisal Shadikhel completed the 484 km track in 3 hours 59 minutes 3 seconds.

Zain Mehmood finished second with a time of 3 hours 59 minutes 9 seconds.

Jam Kamal finished the track in 4 hours 20 minutes 25 seconds in the pre-paired category B competitions.

In the stock category, Bismalullah Magsi was the winner with a time of 2 hours 16 minutes 4 seconds, while in the female category, Rashida Sultan became the champion of the prepared category and Betty Rabab Hayat of the stock category.

Saqib Shah won the desert bike race, Waheed Zafar won the quad bike race, while Malik Sameer won the truck race.



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