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Earthquake in Turkey and Syria, deaths have increased to more than 28 thousand -HP NEWS

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After the terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria, the number of deaths has exceeded 28 thousand.

According to the foreign news agency, 24 thousand 617 people have died in Turkey and 3 thousand 574 people in Syria.

On the other hand, the Turkish Ministry of Justice has issued arrest warrants for the people involved in the faulty construction, while 12 people have been detained.

According to news organizations, 6 thousand buildings have been destroyed in Turkey due to the earthquake, while thousands of people have been injured.

The World Health Organization says that 26 million people have been affected in both countries.

The WHO appealed for an immediate aid of 42.8 million dollars for the victims.

On the other hand, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has urged the Security Council to allow the opening of aid centers in Syria.



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