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Police failed to recover 6 hostages, the video of torture on the hostage went viral -HP NEWS

Jacobabad (Correspondent) Khan Muhammad Jamali, Abdul Rashid Jamali Asghar Bhangar of Baloch Colony of Tehsil Thal, Siraj Khoso and Abdul Sami Khoso who were kidnapped 14 days ago from Kasbah Duro Khoso, are unable to be recovered by the police, due to which the abductors’ homes were destroyed. I am outraged, while the video of the torture of Ashfaq Banglani, who was abducted two days ago from the town of Hanbu Banglani of Thal’s C Section police station, has been leaked on social media. The kidnappers have tortured Ashfaq Banglani and injured his leg, the video of which has been sent. We are poor. but the police have not taken any steps to recover the abductee, on the other hand the heirs of the abductee Khan Muhammad Jamali, Abdul Rashid Jamali, Asghar Bhangar have started a series of recitations of the Holy Quran in their homes for the recovery of their loved ones. The heirs of Siraj and Abdul Sami, Muhammad Ali and Mukhaquddin, say that it has been three weeks since the Mughiys were arrested, but the police He has not recovered, he has demanded the early recovery of Mughi from SSP Jacobabad.



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