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846 primary schools closed, notice to court of officers -HP NEWS

Sukkur (Bureauport) The Sindh High Court Sukkur bench heard the closed primary school self-notice case, 846 primary schools are still closed in Benazirabad and Sukkur, the education department officials informed the court, the court in the next hearing, Larkana, Ask for the details of all the schools in Hyderabad and Mirpur special division as well. In the Sindh High Court Sukkur bench, in the hearing of the suo motu case, Director Primary Education Sukkur and District Education Officer of Benazirabad division appeared in the court and told that 992 schools were closed in Benazirabad division, out of which 365 schools have been reopened. While 219 schools are closed in Sukkur region, most of them are closed due to biometric system error, every court expressed their anger and remarked that why school officials should be sent to jail due to biometric system error. Don’t play with the future of poor children, Director Education, Primary Teachers’ Association, a committee consisting of lawyers appointed by the court should conduct open courtrooms and visit the schools and submit a report to the court, the court adjourned the hearing till February 28.



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