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Start of implementation of IMF’s advance measures -HP NEWS

By starting the implementation of the previous steps of the IMF The federal government has started work on ending subsidy on electricity bills.

According to sources, electricity bills will be received in March with additional surcharge.

Sources say that the additional surcharge in electricity bills received in March will be from Rs 3.21 paisa to Rs 18 per unit.

According to the sources, under the project, the price of electricity will be reduced to 23 rupees 39 paise per unit by June.

An immediate surcharge of Rs.339 per unit has been approved in electricity bills.

Surcharge on electricity cables will be used to pay interest on revolving loan.

In terms of quarterly adjustment, more than 300 units of electricity will be charged in February, March bills.

Quarterly adjustment will be charged at the rate of Rs.3.21 per unit.

The quarterly adjustment tariff will come down to 69 paise in April.

According to sources, this surcharge will increase to one rupee and 64 paise in June and July.

Fuel adjustments of Rs 9.90 paise and Rs. 4.51 paise per unit approved last July and August will be levied during the next 6 months.

The installment will be charged in 6 months at the rate of one to one and a half rupees per unit.

Yesterday, the ECC approved the abolition of subsidy on electricity bills for farmers.



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