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HomeNewsMorocco's King Mohammed VI dismissed the ambassador to France -HP NEWS

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI dismissed the ambassador to France -HP NEWS

Right: King Mohammed VI of Morocco, left: Moroccan Ambassador to France Mohammed bin Khabaun

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI has dismissed his ambassador to France, Mohammed bin Khabaun.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Morocco has sent a letter to dismiss Mohammed bin Khabaun from his duties.

The decision came as the European Parliament passed a resolution on Morocco’s harassment of journalists and social rights activists.

On Wednesday, the Speaker of the Moroccan House of Representatives, Rashid Talbi, said that the campaigns against Morocco are unfair. He said that these kinds of allegations are targeting our position at the international level.

The letter of dismissal of the Moroccan ambassador posted in France has also been published in the official gazette of Morocco.

This is the first time that such a press release has been published in the Gazette.

Bin Khabaun was appointed as Ambassador to France in 2021.

It should be noted that France is rebuilding the Algerian army, Morocco is afraid that Algeria will not attack it.

On the other hand, France does not accept Morocco’s writ in the Western Sahara region, which is a cause of conflict in diplomatic relations between the two countries.

It should be remembered that in January Israel and Morocco agreed to increase military cooperation.

Senior officials of the Israeli Defense Ministry visited Morocco and made important agreements.



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