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IMF Mission Chief Nathan Porter -HP NEWS

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Mission Chief Nathan Porter says that there were constructive discussions during the visit to Pakistan.

In the statement issued, he has said that the IMF team welcomes the implementation of policies for macro stability of Pakistan.

Nathan Porter has said that significant talks have taken place to address local and external imbalances, with the visit discussing measures to achieve sustainable revenue.

He said that during the visit, reduction of non-targeted subsidy from Pakistan, increase of social security of the poorest class, helping flood victims were also discussed.

The mission chief of the IMF says that talks have been held with the Pakistani authorities to ensure efficiency in the energy sector by reducing the revolving debt, improving energy supply.

He has further said that financial support from government partners is essential for Pakistan’s macro-stability, sustainable development.

Nathan Porter also says that timely implementation of decisive policies will bring macro stability in Pakistan, virtual negotiations will continue to implement these policies.

On the other hand, the statement issued by the IMF officials said that the IMF team led by Nathan Porter visited Pakistan from January 31 to February 9 for the ninth review.

The statement also said that the views expressed in the statement at the end of the IMF team’s visit to Pakistan are those of the IMF staff and do not reflect those of the IMF Executive Board.



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