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Recommending several improvements to Scam Prevent -HP NEWS

After a review of Prevent, a scheme designed to reform people attracted to terrorism in the UK, a number of reforms have been recommended.

Muslim organizations rejected and said that the review has no legal status.

It should be noted that the scheme created to prevent terrorism in the UK has failed to identify the attackers, this has been expressed in the review report regarding the scheme on the instructions of the ministers.

Home Secretary Suyla Braverman has said regarding the review report that there is a need for major reforms in the Prevent scheme, while Amnesty International and several Islamic organizations, including a few members of parliament, have rejected the report saying that it has no legal status.

The Prevent scheme was introduced to counter terrorism in the UK, under which public bodies, including the police and schools, had a responsibility to identify people who might be attracted to extremism in order to change their views. They should be included in the prevent scheme.

In 2021, ministers appointed William Shawcross, former chairman of the Charity Commission and critic of Islamist political influence in Europe, to review the Prevent scheme.

In his review report, Mr Shawcross said the scheme had helped some people stay away from terrorism, but it had also involved people who had been part of the Prevent scheme.

Prevent failed to recognize the risk in the case of such individuals and this review makes recommendations on how these mistakes can be avoided in the future.

Prevent, which aims to identify terrorism at the national level, also provided financial support to a group headed by a Taliban sympathizer.

He said that PREVENT must return to its core purpose of preventing people from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorists.

According to Mr Shawcross, they consistently failed to assess the impact on the community of the organizations that received a share of the £49m Prevent budget. Funding was often given to general projects that dealt with community evictions or beat crime. The government should stop supporting groups that have links with people involved in extremism.

He said that the basic objectives of the scheme to tackle the root causes of extremism and change the ideology of those inclined towards terrorism do not seem to be being fulfilled. The scheme is also insufficient to counter non-violent Islamic extremism. The review also made 34 recommendations, including halting funding to Islamic groups or other groups not directly involved in counter-extremism work.

Home Secretary Suyla Braverman said that there is a need for reforms in Prevent and she will implement all the recommendations presented in the review and submit a report in this regard next year. Prevent has been reluctant to tackle Islamism for fear of being accused of Islamophobia, while his focus should be on security rather than politics.

Former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn advised the Home Secretary to speak to the Muslim Council of Britain about their services. In response to Ms Braverman, Coventry South MP Zara Sultana said that when the government appointed William Shawcross to chair the review, more than 450 Muslim organizations and Amnesty International boycotted the decision. What was, because everyone is aware of Mr. Shawcross’s anti-Muslim attitude, he has said that “Europe and Islam are a terrible problem for our future”.

In response, the Home Secretary said that he had Mr Shawcross to thank for producing such a high-quality report. He added that he had a long list of examples of Labor Party members or councilors supporting or working with extremist groups. Should be done.

Amnesty International said the review had “no legitimacy”. Brandon Cox, the husband of Jocox, the MP who was murdered by right-wing extremists, said the review would do more harm than good to the scheme. Labour’s shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said it would be harmful to pit different types of extremism against each other. He said the Labor Party was calling for a broad-based strategy to tackle extremism, including tackling hate extremism, online extremism, in prisons and wherever it occurs. It seems to fail in this regard.



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