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Grand event in honor of Consulate General Houston Abrar Hashmi -HP NEWS

Pakistan Society of North Texas organized a prestigious event in honor of Pakistan Consulate General Houston Abrar Hashmi in the city of Dallas, Texas, in which a large number of social and business personalities of Dallas participated and Abrar Hashmi for his services. Tribute paid.

Speaking at this prestigious event organized by President PSNT Abid Malik, Consul General Houston Abrar Hashmi said that the government of Pakistan has appointed him as the ambassador of Nepal while assigning him a new responsibility. Performed duties with complete integrity and served the community.

He said that he can never forget the love and respect given by the Pakistani community living in Texas, especially in Dallas.

The ceremony started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, while on this occasion, prayers and Fatiha were also offered for the forgiveness of former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf.

Dallas: Honorable Ceremony in Honor of Consulate General Houston Abrar Hashmi

PSNT Secretary General Abid Baig hosted the event.

Speaking on the occasion, President Pakistan Society of North Texas Abid Malik thanked the audience for their presence and said that Abrar Hashmi has excellent diplomatic experience and his services as Consul General have been commendable. I thank him on behalf of PSSNT.

On this occasion, Abid Malik also announced Salman Tabani as the next president of PSNT and said that I had the full support of my committee during the presidency of PSNT, for which I am grateful to them. He also thanked the Pakistani community on this occasion.

Pakistan-origin Texas State Representative Salman Bhojani also participated in this event along with his wife.

On this occasion, he apprised the audience about the legislative process in the state of Texas and said that he is going to present three important bills, including the bill for holidays on religious festivals of all minority communities, Eid, Diwali and others. included. “My doors are always open to the community,” he said. He is the first Pakistani-American to be elected to the Texas House.



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