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Controversy with Adil Durrani, ex-husband comes out in support of Rakhi Sawant -HP NEWS

Rakhi Sawant’s ex-husband Ritesh Singh extended a helping hand to the struggling actress after her marriage to Adil Durrani.

According to an Indian media report, Ritesh, seeing Rakhi Sawant’s recent condition, said that ‘I am with you’.

Rakhi Sawant was married to Ritesh before Adil Durrani, after which both became a part of Bigg Boss 15, but they separated after the end of the show.

Seeing Rakhi Sawant’s difficult situation after her marriage to Adil Durrani, Ritesh Singh has come out in support of her.

During a recent social media live, Ritesh Singh said that he will stand by Rakhi Sawant, no matter what, assure me that I am with you (Rakhi).

He also claimed that Rakhi Sawant had called me 3 months ago to inform me about the ongoing problems with Adil.

Ritesh Singh added that the court has to decide but the truth can be seen in Rakhi’s eyes, the ex-wife told everything on the phone, I don’t think she is lying.

He said that during the conversation I had told Rakhi that you must be aware of the grief caused by heartbreak, I have also been worried, the pain you are experiencing has also remained with me. Still with you.

During the conversation Ritesh mentioned his conflict with Rakhi Sawant and said that the actress cheated me, I am very good academically and professionally, I am a self-made person, I lack nothing, I cheated and people I was wrong.

He further said that me and your brother are together, we always stand with you.

Ritesh Singh’s statement comes at a time when Rakhi Sawant has accused her husband Adil Durrani of domestic violence, who was arrested by the Mumbai police on February 7.



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