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Come on, don’t turn left, come to the court and face the court, Ata Tarar -HP NEWS

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Atta Tarar, the leader of Muslim League-N, says that let’s not be left-handed, come to the court and face the court, it is a straightforward matter and answer whether the daughter is yours or not.

While giving a press conference in Islamabad, Atta Tarar said that when they were afraid of being raided, they jumped over the wall of the house and ran away.

He said that Imran Khan was nowhere to be seen in the Judiciary Movement, he remained hidden in the Judiciary Restoration Movement, they are hiding and spending their time with excuses.

Atta Tarar says that Imran Khan is using delaying tactics in every case, he only seems to hide and run away in difficult times, his punishment for perjury is disqualification, Jail Bharu movement is exempt from courts. has turned into a movement.

The leader of Muslim League-N said that Mr. Jail Bharu Movement is a master of taking stay orders from the courts, if you do not declare your children, then you are not righteous and amin. They used to take commission in postings and contracts.

He says that a person has made 754 transactions in Farah Gogi’s account, 86 crore 39 lakh rupees were deposited in his account, which business has earned 1.6 billion rupees in three years, Farah Gogi’s assets are three. How did it go from Rs 1 crore to Rs 1.6 billion?

During the press conference, Atta Tarar said that cash was deposited in Farah Gogi’s account, he made 10 to 12 accounts to deposit cash, all the cash boys were employees of 30 to 40 thousand rupees, Imran Khan and he in it. were participants.

Atta Tarar says that Farah Gogi should be called to Pakistan, face the cases of NAB, Imran Khan if you are clean, then bring Farah Gogi to Pakistan, Farah will tell that she had a relationship with Imran Khan and Bushra Manika, the judiciary is not Evidence of favoritism has to be given, you are sitting in Zaman Park surrounded by women and children.

He said that they have hidden Mohammad Khan Bhatti, he has not been arrested, the drama of Bhatti’s arrest has been created, so that they can escape from the victim card, if there is any picture of lies, deceit and fraud, it is Imran. Khan, you value your personal interest more than the interest of Pakistan.



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