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How to control electricity bill? Vidya Balan told -HP NEWS

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Bollywood actress Vidya Balan gave useful advice to control the electricity bill.

On the photo and video sharing platform Instagram, Vidya Balan shared a funny video in which she told how her electricity bill came to only 5 thousand?

In the video, a person asks Vidya Balan that how come my electricity bill came to 35 thousand while yours is only 5 thousand?

In the very next scene of the video, the actress sings the famous Pakistani singer Shazia Manzoor’s song ‘Batiyan Bajhai Rakhdi’ and says that this way her electricity bill has come down.

It should be noted that ever since the famous Norwegian dance group ‘Quick Style’ challenged other dancers to dance to the famous Pakistani song ‘Batiyan Bajhai Rakhdi’, this song has been in the news in Bollywood ever since.



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