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Seeing the destruction in Turkey and Syria, the reporter could not control his emotions -HP NEWS

Al Jazeera TV representative could not control his emotions after seeing the scenes of earthquake devastation in Turkey and Syria. The reporter called the earthquake a great tragedy while crying.

A severe earthquake has hit the entire region, including Turkey and Syria, with a total death toll of 2,398, while dozens of people are still buried under the debris.

According to Turkish media, at least 1 thousand 710 buildings collapsed due to the earthquake, 2 thousand 786 relief teams are engaged in relief activities.

According to the German Research Center, the magnitude of this earthquake in Turkey has been recorded as 7.9. The epicenter of the earthquake was the Nurdadi/Gaziantep area in the south of Turkey. The depth of this earthquake was 10 kilometers underground.

In Turkey, relief operations are ongoing in the earthquake-affected areas, in addition to teams of rescue organizations, local people are also searching for people buried in the rubble.

According to the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 has been recorded in the southern city of Kahramanmara and its surroundings.

The earthquake struck at 4:30 a.m. local time, when most people were asleep.

Due to the earthquake, the buildings were severely damaged, people came out on the streets due to fear, the tremors of the earthquake were felt for 1 minute.



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