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Yash Raj Films has fulfilled Shahrukh Khan’s 30-year-old dream -HP NEWS

Shah Rukh Khan, file photo

Yash Raj Films, the most famous production house of the Indian film industry, has fulfilled Shahrukh Khan’s 30-year-old dream.

Shah Rukh Khan in one of his interviews, recalling the promise made by producer Aditya Chopra 30 years ago, said that when I was shooting for my film ‘Der’ in 1993, Aditya came to me on his birthday and asked me. He said that if we make a film together, how will it be?

I replied to Aditya that I would love to work with you then he told me about a script which was an action film and I was to play the lead role in it, he said.

He added that because I was also doing ‘Der’ but I was also excited about Aditya’s offer, he called me after about 3-4 years and asked me to bring you an action-packed story. I am doing

Shah Rukh Khan said, “I was all set to do Aditya because I always wanted to play an action hero, but no one was offering me that style.”

But that project got delayed due to romantic films like ‘Dil Wale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ and ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’, he said.

He further said that when Aditya came to me for the last time, he gave me a 15-minute briefing on the film ‘Pathan’ and left telling me that he would come with Siddharth Anand to discuss the matter next time. My manager was with Pooja and I told Pooja that Aditya is lying he will not do an action film.

Shah Rukh Khan concluded by writing, “I am really thankful to Aditya that after 30 years he fulfilled his promise and made Pathan with me and I am happy that I proved it to Aditya.” That I can work in an action film as well.



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