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You can’t get fame by making me a ladder, Rakhi complains to Adil -HP NEWS

The controversial Indian actress Rakhi Sawant has complained to her husband Adil Durrani and said that you cannot get fame by making me a ladder.

While talking to the media, Rakhi Sawant addressed Adil and said that it is not so easy to become Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan.

Rakhi tells that they have been used, Adil came to city with one rupee, today I delivered them door to door.

The actress told the media that you guys should stop interviewing Adil or boycott me.

He said that even today I am in love, even today I am married, even today I am the wife of Adil, but if there is injustice against a woman in this country, can she not take the support of the public and the media?



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