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Dollar is on the rise, rupee is highly depreciated -HP NEWS

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The US dollar is at an all-time high in Pakistan, while the Pakistani rupee is undervalued.

At the close of business in the interbank, the price of the dollar is 276.58 rupees.

Dollar has become expensive by 13.98 rupees in interbank in a week.

KARACHI: The price of the dollar was Rs 262.60 at the close of business in Interbank last Friday.

On the other hand, the dollar is worth 283 rupees in the open market, the dollar has become expensive by 7.50 rupees in the open market today.

On the other hand, Pakistan Stock Exchange had a positive start to business which turned negative after a while.

The Pakistan Stock Exchange 100 index rose 127 points to 40,860 before the stock market began to slide, with the 100 index losing 84 points to 40,649.

Yesterday, the 100 index closed at 40,733 points.



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