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Statements against Israel, Ilhan Omar removed from the membership of the Foreign Affairs Committee -HP NEWS

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The US House of Representatives removed Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee for making statements against Israel.

The majority of the Republican Party removed Ilhan Omar from the committee by a vote of 218 to 211 in the US House of Representatives through a bill.

Speaking before being removed from the parliamentary committee, Ilhan Umar said that my leadership and my voice cannot be suppressed, even if I am not in this parliamentary committee, my voice will still be the loudest and strongest voice.

The Republican members cited a statement made by Ilhan Omar in 2019, saying that it was decided to remove him from the membership of a key parliamentary committee because of his statements.

He said that in 2019, Ilhan Omar issued a statement from his Twitter account in which he wrote “Its all about the Benjamins baby”, which meant that anyone who supports Israel in American politics. He does it for money rather than principles.

Republican members said that words and statements are important and can cause harm at any time, and Congressman Ilhan Omar’s words and actions have been held accountable.

It should be noted that the statement of Ilhan Umar that is being referred to is old and Ilhan Umar has apologized for it at the same time, she also deleted that tweet.

Apart from this, Ilhan Omar is the only African-born member of Congress and the only Muslim woman member of the US House.



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