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Coin-shaped radiation capsule goes missing on Australian highway -HP NEWS

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A capsule smaller than a coin has gone missing on an Australian highway. The capsule contains the highly radioactive substance “cesium-137”, which is now missing. This substance is used in mining equipment. And emits both gamma and beta rays simultaneously, the area under its influence will remain radioactive for the next 300 years.

The highly dangerous cesspool is owned by mining company Rio Tino, which was trucking it from the northern region of the Australian state of Western Australia to the state capital of Perth.

According to Western media, finding a 1/3-inch capsule on a 14-hundred-kilometer highway is equivalent to bringing a tiger.

Experts say that touching “Se Zm-137” can burn the skin of the hands, spread radiation poisoning in the body and cause cancer.

Being within a one-meter radius of this capsule for one hour is equivalent to taking 17 chest X-rays.



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