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Arooj Aftab will perform at the Grammy Awards ceremony -HP NEWS

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Singer Arooj Aftab, who has been nominated for the highest music award ‘Grammy’ for the second year in a row, will also become the first Pakistani singer to perform at the awards ceremony.

According to media reports, for the first time in the history of the Grammy Awards, an Urdu song will also be presented, which will be performed by Arooj Aftab.

Arooj Aftab became the first Pakistani-origin singer to win a Grammy in 2022 and this year she has been nominated for a Grammy once again.

Arooj Aftab confirmed in her Instagram post that she will be seen performing at the Grammy Awards ceremony.

She said that she will perform live at the ‘Premier Grammy Awards Ceremony’, which will be held a few hours before the awards ceremony.

She will be seen performing ‘Adhiro Naa’ along with fellow singer Anushka Shankar at the event.



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