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I fell off my chair when I read the statement of the former Prime Minister, Raza Rabbani -HP NEWS

Senator Raza Rabbani—File photo

Senior leader of Pakistan People’s Party and Senator Raza Rabbani says that I fell off my chair when I read the statement of the former Prime Minister. He said that we will bring back the Taliban and settle them in FATA.

Addressing the Bacha Khan and Wali Khan conference in Islamabad, Senator Mian Raza Rabbani said that who gave you permission to settle TTP, TTP said that ANP and PPP will doom them. I say to TTP, they were not afraid of you before and they are not afraid of you now.

He said that the child will die but the Eighteenth Amendment will not be abolished, test tube baby was included in politics, Wali Khan was called a traitor but he stuck to principles, politics in Pakistan has not failed but Politics failed.

Senator Mian Raza Rabbani says that politics has not been given a chance, a hybrid system has been introduced in politics, political parties are asking the state to come and help.

In the address, Senator Mian Raza Rabbani said that on the one hand transparent elections are talked about on the other hand, help is being talked about, Pakistan was pushed towards security state with progressive thinking, the constitution says to hold elections in 30 days, Mr. Governor Punjab! You are allowed by the constitution to give an election date.

The senior leader of Pakistan People’s Party said that it is not the jurisdiction of the court to give the date of the election, now it is necessary to have a national dialogue, which includes all the stakeholders, the national dialogue should be in 2 parts.

He further said that the first part of the National Dialogue should be between the political parties. Today, there is talk of changing the basic structure of the constitution, replacing the parliamentary system with a presidential system, any attack on provincial autonomy. Can’t stand it.

Raza Rabbani also said that who is negotiating with the Taliban without the permission of the Parliament.



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