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Zaneera Inam’s interesting commentary on Bollywood movies -HP NEWS

Pakistan showbiz industry actor and director Usman Mukhtar’s wife Zanira Inam gave an interesting comment on the recently released Bollywood movie Pathan and Mission Majnoo.

While tweeting on the micro-blogging site Twitter, he highlighted the hypocrisy of the Bollywood industry while commenting on Bollywood films.

He tweeted, “Let’s be honest, Bollywood hates Pakistani men, so when it shows them, it shows them as fanatics wearing prayer caps, but it shows Pakistani women as hot and bikini-clad as ISI.” appears as an agent’.

Zanira Inam further wrote that I don’t know how I should feel about this but I have no personal problem with anyone wearing a bikini.

It should be remembered that the story of Usman Mukhtar’s film ‘Galabo Rani’, which won international awards, was written by Zanira Inam along with Ali Murad.



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