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Possible initiations of the IMF program are welcome: PBC -HP NEWS

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The Pakistan Business Council (PBC) says that the immediate arrival of the IMF team and the possible launch of the program are welcome.

The statement issued by the Pakistan Business Council said that we should discuss increasing the duration and volume of the IMF program.

The declaration states that the current program of the IMF is inadequate, increase the tax base, reform the energy sector, restructure and privatize government institutions.

The Pakistan Business Council’s statement emphasized that NFC should be restructured, expanded to different regions of the world to increase exports.

In the declaration, Pakistan Business Council has said to increase energy and food self-reliance, make civil service easier, less costly and faster to increase business.

Pakistan Business Council further states that we should seek expert opinion for our credit profile.

In the declaration, the Pakistan Business Council also says that we should make a cross-party agreement on the most important reforms.



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