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This time the team of Lahore Qalandars is the strongest, Aqib Javed -HP NEWS

Aqib Javed’s conversation with Geo News

The head coach of Pakistan Super League team Lahore Qalandars Aqib Javed has said that this team is the strongest of all the teams Lahore Qalandars have made so far.

Speaking to Geo News, Aqib Javed said that Afghanistan’s Rashid Khan not playing in a few matches will be a loss for us in PSL 8 as he is one of the best players in T20 cricket.

He said that in the spin option we have Sikandar Raza and Liam Dawson who will reduce our loss in two or three matches.

He said that we had to make some changes in the replacement and supplementary draft, the PSL season is such that international cricket is happening a lot during this time, cricket is not happening only in England, cricket is happening in all the other countries. Is.

Aqib Javed said that cricketers have to make changes due to their national duty, it’s all a part of the game, you have to play it smart. Our draft pick was the best and still our options are great.

Aqib Javed said that this is why I say that Lahore Qalandars are the strongest team for PSL 8.

Lahore Qalandars head coach said that Kushal Mendes is in form, South Africa’s Shane Didzol in the class of 22 is a good option, we have tried to fill our gaps while people talk about big names.

He said that eight or nine of our players are the same who played in the final as well, instead of Muhammad Hafeez we have taken Sikander Raza



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