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International honors in the name of Pakistani artists -HP NEWS

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5 artists from the Pakistan showbiz industry made it to the ’30 under 30 South Asian’ list in the entertainment sector.

According to foreign media reports, the British weekly newspaper ‘Eastern Eye’ awards this honor every year to young artists under the age of 30 in the entertainment industry for their best work.

According to the list released this year, 5 Pakistani artists and 1 Canadian artist of Pakistani origin have made it to the list.

The artists who have been included in this list this year include 29-year-old Azan Sami Khan, Sajal Ali, Bilal Abbas Khan, 26-year-old Asim Azhar and 25-year-old Kanza Hashmi.

Apart from this, the 20-year-old Pakistani-Canadian actress Iman Velani, who gained fame from Marvel Studio’s series ‘Miss Marvel’ and played the lead role, is also included in this list.



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