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The perfume took over the young girl’s life -HP NEWS

Photo courtesy of Foreign Media

A young girl died after inhaling perfume in the city of Derby, England, after which her parents are warning others about it.

According to foreign media, 14-year-old Georgia Green had a heart attack after spraying perfume in her room.

In this regard, the British Aerosol Manufacturers Association says that the warning is clearly written on the perfume bottles.

By law, aerosol deodorants must be printed with the warning ‘keep out of reach of children’, but the dead girl’s parents say the warning is too small.

According to foreign media, the parents of Georgia Green believe that many parents buy deodorant for their children without looking at the warning.

Paul Green, Georgia Green’s father, says people don’t know how dangerous what’s inside those bottles can be.

Georgia Greene’s father says her daughter had a mental illness that caused her to like to spray perfume on her bed, feeling comforted by its scent.



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