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Karan Johar comments on Shah Rukh Khan’s return to films after four years -HP NEWS

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Indian director and host Karan Johar also praised Bollywood King Khan’s return to the big screen with ‘Pathan’.

Sharing the poster of the film on photo and video sharing platform Instagram, he appreciated the hard work and effort of everyone from the actors to the entry of filmmakers Aditya Chopra and Salman Khan in a long caption.

Describing the film as a mega blockbuster, he wrote in a long caption that I don’t remember that I enjoyed any film so much before the film Pathan. It is the biggest blockbuster and mega blockbuster movie.

The film has Shah Rukh Khan’s stardom, hot agent Deepika Padukone and handsome villain John Abraham, along with Siddharth Anand’s Mayana direction, filmmaker Aditya Chopra’s genius and Salman Khan.

Commenting on Shah Rukh Khan’s return to films after four years, he wrote that ‘King had not gone anywhere, he was waiting for the right time to rule.

Commenting on the recent boycott trend and anti-Pathan campaign in India, he wrote that allegations may have been made against you and the film, its boycott has been announced but one thing is clear when you do your own thing. If you come, no one can stand before you. Happy Pathan everyone.

He also appreciated the suggestion of a sequel to the film at the end of the film.



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