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A statue of a woman of Pakistani origin, New York, installed outside the courthouse -HP NEWS

A statue of a female judge by Pakistani-born sculptor Shazia Sikandar has been installed outside the Appellate Court in New York.

Pakistani-born sculptor Shazia Sikandar says the 8-foot-tall statue is a symbol of the urgent need for resistance.

Rising from a pink lotus flower, the golden figure wears Justice Ruth Ginsburg’s famous lace collar.

Sculptor Shazia Sikandar, Sculpture
Sculptor Shazia Sikandar, Sculpture

Shazia Sikander, 53, a Pakistani-American artist, says the sculpture is part of an international movement that is reexamining traditional representations of power in public spaces in light of 21st-century cultural values.

The statue, called “Now” (because it’s needed now), was created at a time when the U.S. Supreme Court threatened women’s reproductive rights.

According to Shazia Sikandar, since the death of Justice Ruth Ginsburg in 2020, legislation in favor of women has received a huge shock.

It should be noted that at the place where this statue has been installed, statues of great legislators like Zoroaster and Confucius were once installed.



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