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Pakistan, India were close to nuclear war in 2019, Mike Pompeo -HP NEWS

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Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has revealed in his new book that the world did not know that Pakistan and India came close to nuclear war in 2019, after the US intervention ended Pakistan-India tensions.

Mike Pompeo has written in his new book ‘Never Given’ that after the death of 41 Indian personnel in Occupied Kashmir, India carried out airstrikes, in response, Pakistan shot down an Indian warplane and captured the pilot.

He has written in his book that I woke up from sleep on an urgent phone call from a senior Indian official, at that time I was in Hanoi for a conference.

He added that the Indian official believed that Pakistan had started preparations for a nuclear attack, so India was considering a move.

According to Mike Pompeo, he told the Indian official, “Don’t do anything, give us time to sort things out.”

The former US Secretary of State wrote in his book that US diplomats convinced both Pakistan and India not to go to nuclear war.

Mike Pompeo said there was nothing America could have done that night to avoid a terrible outcome.



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