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No shortage of petrol and diesel: Ogra -HP NEWS

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The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has refuted speculations about shortage of petrol and diesel, saying that there is ample stock of petrol and diesel across the country.

OGRA spokesperson Imran Ghaznavi says that the country has petrol and diesel reserves to meet the demand of 18 and 37 days respectively.

He said that ships with 1 lakh 1 thousand metric tons of petrol are at berth.

The spokesman also said that the local refineries are playing an active role in meeting the demand for petroleum products.

It should be noted that yesterday the Petroleum Dealers Association said that the demand for petrol and diesel has increased due to power breakdown.

Sources said that around 50 percent of the petrol pumps in different cities of the country have run out of petrol and diesel.



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