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All-rounder Shadab Khan’s marriage, request to lovers to keep privacy -HP NEWS

Pakistan cricket team’s famous all-rounder Shadab Khan got married, the cricketer said this in his tweet.

Posting on the social networking website Twitter, he said that Alhamdulillah, today was my marriage.

He said that this is the big day of my life and the beginning of a new chapter.

“Please respect my preferences, my wife’s and our families’ preferences,” Shadab Khan said.

At the same time, Shadab Khan described some details of the marriage ceremony in an interesting way in a picture.

He said that I have become a part of my teacher Saqlain Bhai’s family, when I started cricket I wanted to keep my family life separate.

The star player said that my family has also decided to stay away from public attention.

He said that this is exactly what my wife has wanted, my wife wants her life to be private.

Shadab Khan requested that his and his family’s preferences be taken care of.

“If you want to send greetings, I will send the account number,” the jovial cricketer added.



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