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Major power breakdown across the country -HP NEWS

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Due to major power breakdown, power supply has been suspended in various parts of the country.

According to sources at the National Power Control, the system is currently completely shut down due to a fault in the main lines.

Sources say that efforts are being made to find out the cause of the power breakdown, and restoration may take several hours.

According to the Ministry of Energy, the rehabilitation of grid stations from Warsak has been started.

Power Division says that the grid has been restored in limited areas of Islamabad and Peshawar Supply Companies.

According to Islamabad Electric Supply Company spokesperson, power supply to 117 grid stations has been suspended, ISCO spokesperson

He said that no clear reason has yet been given by the Region Control Center.

The ISCO spokesperson says that the ISCO administration is in constant contact with the relevant authorities.

In this regard, ISCO CEO Dr. Muhammad Amjad while talking to Geo News said that the grid restoration process has started.

He said that the restoration of electricity across the country will be gradual so that there is no load on the system.

On the other hand, Secretary Power Division Rashid Mehmood told Geo News that an inquiry has been ordered into the matter of power breakdown.

He said that according to preliminary estimates, the fault originated in the South Region.

According to Karachi Electric sources, With 90 percent of the city without electricity, disruption to the national grid is the likely cause of the breakdown.

The spokesperson of KElectric says that according to reports, power supply to several cities was affected due to the frequency reduction in the national grid at 7:34 am today.

He said that it also affected K Electric’s territory, which has affected the power supply to Karachi, but K Electric’s network is safe and functional, our staff is assessing the situation and the restoration process is being initiated.

The spokesperson KElectric also thanked the customers for their cooperation.

A spokesperson for KElectric says that along with the investigation into the cause of the outage, Thames is also active in restoring power.

On the other hand, a source said investigations are underway to find out the cause of the power breakdown, and full restoration may take up to 5 hours.

Water Board said that water pumping to Karachi is also affected due to power breakdown.

The Superintendent Engineer of Ruboard Iqbal Plaju says that due to the breakdown, the 72-inch diameter line No. 5 burst due to pressure.

He said that water supply from Pipri, Dhabiji and Gharo pumping station is completely stopped.

He further said that we do not have any alternative arrangement of electricity, the supply will be restored after the pipeline is repaired and electricity is supplied.

Punjab province

According to LESCO sources, all big and small cities including Lahore have lost electricity in Punjab province as well.

According to sources, electricity is off in Faisalabad, TT Singh, Gojra, Sargodha, Shorkot, Pir Mahal and many other areas.

According to the initial information received from the sources, electricity supply was suspended due to simultaneous fault in the south and north main lines.

Orange Lion train service also stopped due to power breakdown in Lahore.

According to the officials of Quetta Electric Supply Company, electricity supply has been suspended in 22 districts including Quetta in Balochistan province.

Kesco officials say that both transmission lines of electricity coming from Guddu to Quetta have been tripped.

Electricity supply has been suspended since 7:30 am in Peshawar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

According to the sources, there is power outage in Peshawar inner city, Sadar, Gul Bihar, Hashtangri, Hayatabad and suburbs.

Apart from this, electricity has also been cut in the areas of Dalzak Road, GT Road, Kohat Road and Charsadda Road.

According to Peshawar Electric Supply Company, efforts are being made to find out the reasons for the power outage.



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