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Lahore school incident, actress Mishi Khan burst -HP NEWS

Actress Mishi Khan has strongly condemned the incident of a student being tortured by her colleagues in a private school in Lahore.

In his video message released on Twitter, Mishi Khan said that the girl was badly beaten and dragged by her hair by her peers in school, but unfortunately she has been bailed.

Mishi Khan said that after getting bail, those girls will also be telling their friends that you can do anything, but the law will not do anything.

He said that this will give more pride to girls and boys that you can do anything but do nothing because the system here is not right.

The actress further said that their parents also need to be protected, who leave such children in the society who have no distinction, no culture and no humanity in them.

It should be noted that a video of a private school in Defense area of ​​Lahore has come out in which female students can be seen severely torturing a fellow student.

In the video, the attacking girls are asking the victim to apologize, the victim appeals to her to let go of her hair, but the attacking girls torture her by throwing her on the floor.

According to the police, the attacking girls have obtained interim bail from the court.

It should be noted that the incident of violence against the student took place two days ago in a private school.



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