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‘Pasuri’ has won another honor -HP NEWS

The famous Pakistani song ‘Pasoori’ won another honor.

This song by Ali Sethi and Shai Gul has been viewed more than 50 crore times on the video sharing platform YouTube.

Singer Ali Sethi shared the news of the success of his song on photos and videos sharing app Instagram.

Ali Sethi took to Instagram to share a picture of a cake named after Pasuri with ‘500M’ written on it.

The singer wrote in the caption of his post, ‘Hey what? Psoori 500 million’.

Ali Sethi’s post continues to receive interesting comments from fans and social media users are also congratulating him on this achievement.

Coke Studio and Pasuri Song team also celebrated the success of the song and its video was uploaded on Coke Studio’s official channel.

Ali Sethi and Shai Gul’s Geet Pasoori was released this year in Coke Studio Season 14, which has crossed 500 million views on YouTube.

Soon after its release, the Pasuri song won the hearts of music fans across the world, including neighboring India.

The song received immense popularity on social media platforms Tik Tok and Instagram and some of the dance steps of the song also became a global trend.



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