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Lack of parental training, Robi Pirzada -HP NEWS

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Former singer Rabi Pirzada has also expressed her anger over the incident of violence against a female student by her colleagues in a private school in Lahore.

In a video statement on his Twitter account, Rabi Pirzada said that the lack of training of parents is seen in the incident that happened in Lahore.

Rabi Pirzada said that the first thing is that justice should be done at home, if the child commits such acts outside, it is the responsibility of the parents to explain them and forbid them from doing such acts.

He said that in our society, parents encourage children instead of explaining them for their mistakes, which leads to small mistakes and one day a big incident happens.

The former singer said that in today’s era, the main reason for the destruction of youth is mobile and internet, because they show torture methods, parents should check their children’s mobiles often.

Rabi Pirzada said that whenever such an incident happens in our society, justice does not come from the courts.



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