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Karachi, 2 women died due to gas cylinder explosion -HP NEWS

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Two women were killed due to gas cylinder explosion in two different areas of Karachi, CCTV footage of the robbery in a jeweler’s shop in Nazimabad has come to light.

In North Nazimabad Block M Flat Thursday night, an injured woman died during treatment as a result of a gas cylinder explosion in the flat.

According to the police, as a result of the explosion of the cylinder, two people including the deceased’s husband were also injured. The incident took place in the flat on the fourth floor of the apartment.

On the other hand, a woman who was seriously injured in a cylinder explosion in her house near Malir Bakra Pedi died of her injuries.

According to the rescue officials, the dead woman was identified as Shahina, wife of Aurangzeb, a daughter of the dead woman suffered 80% burns while her husband suffered 60% burns.

According to police officials, five members of the same family were injured due to gas cylinder explosion.

A case of robbery in a jeweler’s shop in Paposh Nagar Sarafa Bazar has been registered against unknown persons in Paposh Nagar police station.

Police officials say that in the incident, the bandits fled after looting two and a half lakh rupees in cash and 12 tolas of gold jewelry.

According to the text of the case, the number of robbers was more than 5 who were riding motorcycles, the accused escaped by firing in the air, the CCTV of the incident has also come to light.



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