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Robber of Chinese national arrested, 8 lakh rupees and goods recovered -HP NEWS

The police arrested the car driver who escaped with the luggage of a Chinese national at the Hawke’s Bay coastal area of ​​Karachi and recovered 8 lakh rupees, a laptop and other items.

On the orders of DIG South Zone Irfan Baloch, the investigation team formed under the leadership of SSP Investigation District Kemari Shamail Riaz Malik carried out a successful operation and recovered the stolen money, laptop, mobile phone and other documents on the identification of the accused. Handed over to a Chinese citizen.

According to Superintendent Police Investigation West Karachi Shamail Riaz Malik, the Chinese national (Gaoxiongiie) had booked a white car as a taxi from Sea View area of ​​Karachi on January 11.

The Chinese citizen reached the Hawke’s Bay beach in Thana Maripur area in the said car and went to the beach for sightseeing while leaving his bag in the taxi.

The bag contained one lakh rupees in cash, a laptop, mobile phone, passport, visa credit card and identity card, which was taken away by an unknown driver. Later, the accused had withdrawn 7 lakh rupees using the credit card of the Chinese citizen.

A case of the incident, charge number 07/2023 under Section 379 of the Penal Code was registered against the unknown accused in Maripur police station.

The investigation team, with the help of technical means, arrested the accused Qadir Bakhsh son of Basit involved in the incident.

The accused was identified by a Chinese citizen during an identification parade in court.

The Chinese national thanked the Sindh Police for the recovery and handover of all the stolen goods and cash and appreciated the professionalism and full cooperation of the police.



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