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Morocco and Israel agree to increase military cooperation -HP NEWS

Moroccan Lt. Gen. Al Farooq and Israeli official Durr Shalom, courtesy of Facebook

Arab country Morocco and Israel have agreed to increase military cooperation and training.

The Moroccan-Israeli Defense Cooperation Monitoring Committee held its first meeting on January 16 and 17 in Rabat, the capital of Morocco.

A statement issued by the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces said that the meeting took place in the context of the directives of King Mohammed VI.

The IG of the Moroccan Army Lt. Gen. Balkhair al-Farooq met with the director of the Office of Political and Military Affairs of the Israeli Ministry of Defense Dror Shalom.

On this occasion, discussions were held to bring modern changes in bilateral military cooperation in various fields, especially in logistics, training and military equipment.

Military officials considered strengthening military cooperation and expanding ties in intelligence, air defense and electronic warfare.

General Al Farooq said that the military cooperation between Israel and Morocco is based on mutual trust and support.

Earlier in July 2022, Israel’s army chief Oif Kokhavi paid a high-level visit to the North African state.

On November 24, 2021, Morocco and Israel signed a memorandum of understanding in the defense sector.

It should be remembered that diplomatic relations were established between the two countries in December 2020.



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