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Feroze Khan’s response to critics -HP NEWS

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Actor Feroze Khan, surrounded by controversies in the Pakistan showbiz industry, sent a legal notice to his fellow artists including his ex-wife, then the fellow artists also sent a counter notice, but now Feroze Khan has broken his silence in this regard.

Firoz Khan shared a sarcastic tweet giving a sharp reply to the critics in two separate tweets on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

While in another tweet, he wrote a poem by Indian Sufi poet Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi, ‘Kya Dabe, who is supported by your paw, your dog does not endanger the lion’.

On the other hand, Feroze Khan shared a picture with her child on social media platform Instagram and captioned it as ‘I got you’, indicating that she has won the custody case.

It should be remembered that Feroze Khan and Alize Fatima Raza were divorced in September, after which Alize accused Feroze of domestic violence, later Feroze Khan approached the court for the custody of the children.



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