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I would also like to send a legal notice, Arslan Naseer -HP NEWS

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Pakistani YouTuber and actor Arsalan Naseer has announced to send a legal notice, jumping into the controversy of the recent legal battle in the showbiz industry.

While tweeting on microblogging site Twitter, Arsalan Naseer made a public announcement and wrote that ‘following the ongoing legal battle in the showbiz industry, I would also like to send a legal notice’.

On whom and why Arsalan Naseer intends to send legal notices, he further wrote that ‘I would like to send legal notices to myself for making stupid decisions all my life’.

It may be remembered that Feroze Khan recently filed a defamation claim and sent a legal notice to fellow artistes on the basis of false and baseless allegations against him, the screenshots of which were shared on social media.

In these pictures, he also revealed private and sensitive information of fellow artistes, after which a large number of fans started harassing the artistes by misusing this information.

After which the dispute continued and more or less all the artists included in the above list sent counter legal notices to Feroze Khan calling this move a deliberate strategy.

It should be noted that earlier, Fazilah Qazi also appealed to stop this ongoing war on social media as a digital war.



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