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Noora Fathi’s new music video is a copy of Pakistani singer Attaullah’s famous song -HP NEWS

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The well-known Indian music company ‘T-Series’ made its new music video by copying the famous song ‘Achha Sala Diya’ of Pakistani singer Attaullah Isa Khelvi.

T-Series has released a new music video ‘Achcha Salla Diya’ on YouTube yesterday, in which Noora Fathi and Rajkumar Rao are seen showing off their acting chops.

The music video features Nora Fathi as an unfaithful lover while Rajkumar Rao plays the role of a man who survives a car accident and returns only to be replaced by his unfaithful lover. can take

This new version of the song is sung by Indian singer B Prak and Johnny and the music of this song is also composed by Johnny.

It should be noted that Attaullah Isa Khelvi sang this song in 1992, after which Indian singer Sonu Nigam copied this song for the film ‘Be Wafa Sanam’ in 1995.



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