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Fazila Qazi’s reaction to artists’ quarrel on social media -HP NEWS

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The senior actress of Pakistani showbiz industry, Fazila Qazi, could not remain silent on the recent controversy between showbiz artists and advised to respect each other without naming anyone.

While sharing a video message on the photo and video sharing platform Instagram, Fazila Qazi said, “As soon as I woke up, the weather was very happy, but as soon as I opened Instagram, my heart was very bad.”

Describing the ongoing war on social media as a digital war, he said, “Stop the digital war that has started among our young artists, don’t do it.” Don’t get involved in each other’s private affairs, respect each other, work with each other professionally, live and let live.

He further said that sustenance is in the hands of Allah, whoever wants to get it will get it from where he wants to get it, but it is not right to send legal notices to each other, to share each other’s phone numbers and addresses. Let him do it and see for yourself.

This war that has started on social media is not right, just as we fear nuclear war that it is a disaster, digital war is also a disaster for everyone.



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